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Endorsement: West Orange Chronicle

All of us working on this campaign are incredibly grateful to receive news that the West Orange Chronicle today endorsed Councilwoman Cindy Matute-Brown for Mayor. The Chronicle posed five questions to each of the candidates to determine their endorsement and we are so happy that they heard what we have been saying throughout this campaign cycle. Cindy is the "thoughtful, intelligent and collaborative leader," among the candidates for Mayor - exactly what we need in West Orange right now. There are so many projects that we can take forward to relieve pressure on our residents. Revenue enhancements, environmental initiatives, advocacy on behalf of our residents to attract increased school funding are a few of them. And all are projects that show how, as the Chronicle wrote today, "Matute-Brown looks forward with clear, obtainable goals."

The Chronicle recognized that Cindy's leadership, experience, and dedication is exactly what we need in Town Hall. We could not be more thankful. You can see the answers that our campaign submitted to the Chronicle here in the News section of this website. They were posted here over several days in the last week and have "Constituent Questions" in the title.

Please #Vote. Early Voting is available at the zoo education center - every day starting at 10:00 a.m. through this weekend. And of course in-person voting on election day. Thank you West Orange!

Let's Make a Difference!

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