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Leadership and Advocacy in West Orange

As Mayor Dean Dafis from Maplewood told us in June, a mayor's job includes broad responsibility and elected officials need each other to be successful on behalf of their residents. He's ready to pitch in for us and work with Cindy so that the residents of all of our towns can thrive and attract the resources we deserve. Right now, we in West Orange leave state aid money on the table and the powers that be in our municipal government simply do not prioritize it. Cindy Matute-Brown will change that.

We need a leader who has and will maintain relationships with every level of government. It is critical that our next Mayor work well with the West Orange Board of Education so we can understand what resources we need from the state of New Jersey and can help advocate for them. Cindy has relationships with mayors of nearby towns, including Maplewood and Montclair, and she will organize and effectively advocate for full and fair funding of our public schools. Cindy is the leader who has the relationship and can call the Essex County Executive to ask for help when our town experiences flooding or when we need the county to better police the county roads that go through our community for traffic safety. Cindy has the relationships and will end the insularity that has plagued our municipal government for so many years - just like Maplewood Mayor Dean Dafis said. This is the selfie Mayor Dafis was talking about:

We have an opportunity with this election that we have not had in 20+ years in this town. Let's come together to take advantage of it and put Cindy's leadership, dedication, and love for this community to work for us. Vote Cindy Matute-Brown for Mayor on November 8 and please tell your friends. We only do this if we all work together.

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