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Let's Go West Orange! Let's Make HerStory Together!

All of us at the campaign are so excited about next Tuesday! We have an opportunity that we have not really had in this town in 20 years. Next Tuesday we can break another glass ceiling and elect the first woman Mayor in West Orange history. We have an opportunity to have strong leadership to help us realize the full potential of our town in every corner of our town. Our next Mayor needs to have demonstrated true leadership, like defaulting a derelict developer, insisting that we do better by our residents and preserve revenue from our resources, refusing new, wasteful housing development, and a Mayor who will insist that we have a professional town planner to ensure that we left all parts of West Orange, so we can all rise higher. There is only one candidate who will do all of this for us - Cindy Matute-Brown.

This week we sent this card to many West Orange residents and we hope it captures the excitement and optimism we have for West Orange with Cindy Matute-Brown in the Mayor's office. Please share our message with your neighbors and friends. Ours is a kitchen table campaign - we don't have the big dollars of some of our competitors, but we have a real, positive message and vision for our residents and for our town.

Early Voting is happening now at the New Education Center at South Mountain Recreation Complex: 560 NORTHFIELD AVE WEST ORANGE, NJ 07052. Hours are 10 am - 8 pm Monday - Saturday and 10 am - 6 pm on Sunday. You can also #VoteForCindy on November 8 in person at your local polling location. Confirm your location here. And if you still have a vote by mail ballot floating around your house, fill it out and return it right now! Drop box locations may be found here. Hint: there's one at Town Hall. #Vote #VoteEarly #VoteForCindy #WeAreWestOrange

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