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Thank you St Cloud Neighborhood!!

When running for office there is nothing better than meeting old and new friends, neighbors, and fellow residents to talk about what matters to them and how our government might address those issues. 

Thank you so much, Christina and Colin Helms for welcoming me and for welcoming our West Orange neighbors into your home yesterday to talk about the enormous opportunity we have in West Orange. I hear your concerns about managing property taxes, development and downtown redevelopment, and why our town still has not hired a fullt-time planner for development. 

All of these things are so important and we should insist that every candidate for Mayor speak as specifically as they can about every issue. All of these things are also linked together. I have been talking about how in the last four years, I have worked to create revenue sources for our town, and how I have worked hard to ensure new and creative revenue to support our schools and to try to help residents manage the tax burden endemic in Essex County. The opportunity to generate revenue by thoughtfully engaging cannabis businesses, now legal in New Jersey, will help us better manage costs in our town. My ideas for investment in our incredible resources - like Rock Spring - will generate further revenue for our residents. Slash and burn cuts to services that we all rely upon is not the answer. Competitive contracting, revenue generation, and intelligent, cohesive development is our best chance for West Orange to seize the opportunity before us and realize our town’s full potential. 

I need your support in this election. Please sign up for updates on my website: and let’s make a difference for West Orange. 

Thank you again to Christina and Colin. And thank you to my neighbors who came out to talk about these issues yesterday. I look forward to meeting and talking more with everyone in every part of our town. I have much more detail on my website in the Vision, Leadership and Dedication tabs.

Please take a look and let’s keep talking about the wonderful opportunities we have here in West Orange!

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