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Thank You West Orange!

Thank you to all West Orange voters who participated in this critical election. We can take nothing for granted, and I am so appreciative of everyone who engaged in the democratic process and voted during the last several weeks. At the same time, of course I am disappointed by the result, and humbly grateful to everyone who voted for me, campaigned for me, and helped along the way. No one can do this alone and I cannot adequately express how much I appreciate every person who supported our campaign. I am particularly grateful to my family, who have tolerated my absence or my being distracted for far too long now.

Unfortunately, our campaign fell a little short and I congratulate my Council colleague Susan McCartney. I know of the great challenges and opportunities that we have in West Orange and I am hopeful that we will realize our full potential. Best of luck, Councilwoman, as the next Mayor of this great town. Congratulations and best of luck as well to the winners of our Board of Education and Council races. I also want to congratulate and thank all candidates who ran for Mayor, for Town Council, and for the Board of Education. I admire anyone who takes the risk and makes the commitment to run for office in order to improve our community.

I know that emotions and passions ran high at times during the last few months of our campaign. That's ok - that's how democracy shines. We put our best ideas and dreams out there and we question each other and we try to hold each other to account. And now, let's come together to build what we want our town to be. Let's be leaders and serve as examples to our children and to each other to show how honesty, integrity, openness, acceptance, and trust can act as a foundation to build and strengthen our community so that every resident in this town is valued, loved, and welcomed.

I thank you, so much, for supporting me and for supporting our town.

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