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West Orange Chronicle - Candidate Statement

The West Orange Chronicle requested that each candidate for Mayor provide a 375 word statement for their publication released this week. This is what was published in the paper. It's a little hard to read in the picture so we have provided the text below as well.

My demonstrated leadership, experience and dedication to West Orange make me the best candidate to be our next Mayor. Four years ago I was elected to the Town Council to govern and am proud of the difference I have made. I ask for your vote so that I may lead us forward by continuing to develop revenue streams to control property taxes, and by hiring a full time town planner with a focus on environmental sustainability, so that we have coherent, cohesive development in our town. We need strong, proven progressive leadership in Town Hall to advocate for our town.  

One way we control upward pressure on our property taxes is by developing revenue streams. My vote to acquire Rock Spring Golf Club enabled us to retain equivalent tax revenue and now provides an opportunity to generate new revenue by renovating the clubhouse and creating a year-round destination facility. My opposition to the proposed large-scale housing development there made this possible. I have also ensured the creation of a new revenue stream by leading the work in our town’s cannabis industry. That is the type of proven vision and leadership I will bring as Mayor. 

Further, we have make sure that we get funds that we are entitled to. Right now more than sixty percent of our property taxes support our school budget. Although the state contributes to our schools, it fails to fully fund its contribution, imposing upward pressure on our property taxes as we support increasing costs. We need a mayor who will advocate to change this. I am already talking with the Mayors of Maplewood and Montclair to organize a coalition to exert political pressure on our state government to fully fund the school formula. Our municipal leadership must make it a priority to forge relationships and advocate for our residents. Right now, we do not have that leadership.

I advocate for our residents, protect and improve our quality of life, and will make sure that our town remains a place where we all want to live and raise our families. My website, has more information about my plans. We deserve a brighter future. Vote for Cindy Matute-Brown on November 8 and let’s make a difference! 

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